Did You Hear That ??

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah Yeah! It will be fine. I will be next to you.

“Who does this dude? This is ridiculous. I don’t think I am ready for it”

“Relax! I am with you and what do you mean who does this, many people do it, dumb ass”

“What the hell, I don’t want to do this. I want to leave now”

“Shut up! Just stay with me.”

“68 people have died because of it and you very well know how weak-hearted I am. Then too you are pushing me for this”

“What Nonsense! Behave yourself and stop acting like a child”

Terrified Aadhira took out her credit card to pay 560/- rupees for 2 movie tickets. Not just any movie, it was her first horror movie, in a multiplex with a big screen and surround sound. She had to do this because of her little sister Aashi. With shivering hands and fearful eyes, she passed on the card to a very weird-looking man on the counter.

For 10 seconds he observed both the girls who were all decked up. Girls felt uncomfortable. He then with his high-pitched voice announced: “You know it’s an adult movie, teenagers are not allowed”. Aadhira, a 28-year-old woman was in seventh heaven for a) Somebody calling her a teenager b) There was still a chance to skip the movie. Aashi, a 22-year-old adult, almost screamed back at the guy “We know it’s an adult that’s why we adults are here. I am not a teenager, if you want I can show you my driver’s license. Aadhira felt a crack in her heart.

“That won’t be necessary. Which seats?” asked the counter man. “I want something in middle, surrounded by humans. This reminds me by the way, is there a hospital around?” said Aadhira in one nervous breath. “What the hell! Move and let me do the talking here” exclaimed Aashi to Aadhira. “We want back seats, as far as possible from the screen and they should be in middle”. “Alright” swiping the card, counterman handed over two tickets and food coupons to Aashi. With a smirk, he wished the girls “Enjoy the movie”. “Yeah, why not and I will get married to the ghost in the movie and have ghostly kids and you would be our babysitter. Happy Ending. Idiot” said Aadhira in a feeble tone to Aashi.

They stood in the queue for the security check to enter theater premises. Aadhira could see the gates of hell opening for her.

“Listen if I die you will be blamed. I have eye witnesses here and loads of CCTV camera around” – Aadhira

“Whatever. I am very sure you will not die that easily. Anyway you can hold my hand if you feel the need or you can just glance around you since there will be humans, living humans”- grinned Aashi

“Thanks, that’s really sweet of you. If I die of heart attack please tell mom I love her and I wish I was her only child”-Aadhira

“Yeah yeah. Can you not stop already! We are in a queue”- Aashi

And they entered the multiplex. With equal and opposite emotions both sisters observed the eating joints there. They were 15 minutes before the show time.

“I am going to get myself a popcorn and a cold drink. Do you want anything apart from poison!” said Aashi.

“No thanks! I am fine. You should feed yourself well. It might be your last meal.” –Aadhira.

It would be waste of time to reply to such stupid comment hence Aashi ignored what she heard and left Aadhira to get herself some snacks.

After roaming around for a while it was time for the show. They strolled towards the theater. They were hardly 500 meters far from its gate when a sudden crowd of excited audience engulfed them. They were both stuck in a human jail with an open ceiling. After being pushed and pulled for five minutes they found themselves in the theater they were heading to before this stampede.

D11, D12 were the recliners allotted to them, right in the middle as Aadhira wanted. They took hold of it before they got themselves in another human cyclone. Aashi started munching on the popcorn. Poor Aadhira helplessly kept on observing everything around, movie screen, sound system, excited people and other amenities of the theater. She had a slight relief when a sweet couple sat next to her.

Lights went dim signaling people to take their places and stay silent. The screen lit up with advertisements, along with the super powerful sound system. Aadhira could hear her heart out loud. Countdown to her demise has started. Wherever her eyes went it was dark. She could see outlines of humanlike objects around with mix sound of advertisements on-screen and Aashi’s munching popcorn along with occasional slurp of cold drink.

It was time. The movie started with a surprise and the lights of the theater went further dim. Dark became pitch dark. She clung to her seat. Aashi with a wicked smile said “Look at you! Already scared. It will be fun”. Aadhira gave her a dirty look.

More than the visuals of the movie, the background music was sucking on the soul of Aadhira. There were scenes whichAashi turned into a comedy with her low-pitched punch lines but Aadhira failed to laugh. There were times when she could predict where the ghost, the nun ghost was hiding but the sudden and dramatic entry of it gave her chills. With the corner of her eyes, she made sure people were sitting around her. She could picture herself being attacked by this Nun Ghost anytime in this theater.

Both sisters were engrossed in the movie. Popcorn was over and they both held each other’s hand tightly. It was then they both heard a faint shrill. At first, they ignored but then it kept on coming from the back seat. Aadhira asked Aashi“Did you hear that?” Aashi with some fears her voice nodded her head in yes. They both gave a quick look to their neighbors but nobody seems to react anyhow. “I don’t think anybody else can hear this” Aadhira mumbled.  Aashi wanted to agree but because of her sisterly duty, she said “Ignore it. It’s the movie in our head speaking”.

They decided to ignore it even though there was an unease within. It was hardly few minutes when they felt faint rays of light reflecting out from the gaps of their chairs. Along came gibberish noises. “Something is wrong, something is very wrong” popped in Aashi’s brain.

“Why don’t you look back Ms. Brave pants? Wasn’t this your stupid idea to be in a multiplex this late for a horror movie? Now sort this out” warned Aadhira in nervous low voice. As the world knows what may come but a girl will do anything to prove her sister wrong in an argument, Aashi with the same motive gathered all her strength and shifted herself topeek from the gap between their recliners.

She was numb when she finally got to see the source of light and those gibberish noises. There was a woman glowing in a white light, white light of her phone. The phone was being held by her and a baby on her lap. What seemed like a ghost in the backyard was a woman trying to make a baby not make any further loud noises.

Aashi couldn’t believe her eyes for two reasons a) A baby and a woman scared the hell out of her b) Aadhira, sitting next to her was giggling. She knew it. Aadhira knew it. The giggle very well portrayed the sweet taste of revenge.

What was left in the movie became a comedy show for both!

Aashi – “Did you know teenagers are not allowed in horror movie but babies are?”

Aadhira – “Come on! You should have seen your face when I said “Did you hear that””

Picture Credits: Aaron Ar.
Written By: Shalvi Govil

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