Heartbroken, independent, willful, with a glass of wine in one hand and a smoke in another, she gave a stern stare to the moon.The roof top house where she stayed gave her the comfort which human land could not give. They personified each other. Both were dark and mysterious. Human land was full  of stories and she decided to pour some of her stories for this land.
FROM THE ROOF- sTor(ey)ies is a collection of some short stories from the pen of an individual who saw small things with keen observation and weird emotions. This pen and she could be found in a small house on the roof of a three-storey building.

That Girl

That Girl who stayed in a tiny house on the roof was alone. The house was her’s and she belonged to the secrets of this house. She looked normal when she was in the civilized land but when she came back to the roof she was different, she was herself. Millions of questions and there answers comes gushing in her heart. It was overwhelming. She decided to write about it.


She wrote ! She wrote them all ! The stories in her heart. Words fell short but she kept on writing about the diverse surroundings around her.